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Godaddy Deluxe Web Hosting Plan 2014 - Hosting Multiple Sites

Go Daddy is a big name in the world of domain and web hosting these days. It was a time when godaddy was only known as a domain registrar. In this article, our focus is on the website hosting plan for beginners or intermediate users who wants to host the website for the first time or wanna switch hosting plan for multiple factors or just to try out the service offered by GoDaddy.
Before we go in the depth, i want to highlight the research i have done on godaddy web hosting plan to explain you better about “How it can be useful for majority of users/webmasters”. At the time for compiling this post, i have used, understood and known all the features that are offered in “Deluxe – Host multiple Sites” plan.  To get proper idea i  have included an screenshot below.
GoDaddy  different hosting plan comparison - (click to see enlarge)

Well, now we will dig into the godaddy hosting plan with screenshots to help you get more info about its features and layout. Lastly, you can decide if this host is better for you.
  1. Free Domain(1 domain only .com, .net, .org etc.) with purchase of a year hosting plan
  2. Multiple websites can be hosted
  3. Unlimited bandwidth
  4. Unlimited Web space
  5. Shared server
  6. 25 Databases – MySQL Databases
  7. 50 FTP Accounts
  8. 500 Email accounts can be created
  9. Free Mobile site compatibility
  10. Most of the open source PHP, MySQL web sites are supported such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PhpBB, Simple Machine etc.
  11. Easy Interface, SQL Backup
  12. Daily backup of hosted files and folders with no extra cost – backup does not include DB.
Screenshots of Admin panel of GoDaddy Deluxe Hosting Plan:
As we know, GoDaddy Deluxe website hosting comes with their on administration application so after using it for more than 2 years i can definitely bet that all the required features and functionalities are there. Admin interface is quite easy, comfortable and self-explanatory.
Godaddy Deluxe Hosting plan Administration panel- (click to see enlarge)
Hosted Domains:
As i have mentioned initially in this post, GoDaddy website hosting plan allow user to host multiple websites without needing to worry about another hosting service/plan. So, many of us starts with only one website but believe me we soon require another site either for testing, demonstration or even hosting sites of other people  like family members, friends or colleague or may be your clients but please note this is not a reseller plan so do not sell a plan its not allowed.
Hosted Sites is an option through that you can add multiple sites to this hosting plan but it required your domains either be pointed to godaddy server IP or domains are registered at GoDaddy itself.
Screenshot GoDaddy Hosted Domains:
GoDaddy Hosted Domains Panel - (click to see enlarge)
Well, according to my experience about this hosting plan can bear max 25 websites built in WordPress with 5k to 15k visitors per day.
Why do you say 25 websites can be hosted when its mentioned unlimited?
Keeping my strategy simple, now a days most of the websites are dynamic ones that requires Database(s). Hence, this plan offers 25 MySQL Databases – so, total website = Number of Databases offered.
FTP Management:
GoDaddy Deluxe Plan offers you 50 FTP accounts which can be created as per need. It allows you to create separate FTP accounts with different directory level access. For example you can restrict a user to certain directory. It is useful when you have more users working on single website or multiple websites.
add ftp folder in godaddy deluxe hosting plan FTp management- (click to see enlarge)
Adding user to GoDaddy FTP Management Panel- (click to see enlarge)

Database Management:
As explained above, GoDaddy Deluxe hosting plan comes with 25 MySQL Databases with PHPMyAdmin pre-installed. Whenever, you create a database it automatically linked with PHPMyAdmin for manageability purpose.
It allows you to either provide full access to user or just read only access privilege to them.
Database Management Panel:
GoDaddy Database administration Panel - (click to see enlarge)
Adding MySQl Database
Screenshot of Adding Database to GoDaddy Deluxe- (click to see enlarge)
Other features are common although i have explained below.  GoDaddy uses its own administrative application for users to perform administration tasks which is somewhat equivalent to CPanel but trust me CPanel is far more intuitive and convenient than the control Panel offered by GoDaddy. However, do not be disappointed GoDaddy has already introduced the same – GoDaddy Deluxe Plan with CPanel administration. 
1. File Manager:
An online File Manager which allow a user to browse the web site files online without using FTP client.  Good for quick access to your files and folders.
2. Cron Jobs:
It is a job scheduler which is required by many users for running a job such as script or php file or anything that will be executed at a given time. You can search online for linux based Cron jobs commands.
3. Secure Sockets Layer Certificate (SSL):
Well, one of the important need for a webmaster who needs to secure their website through SSL certificate which needs to be purchased separately. SSL certificate is supported on this hosting plan which  can be added anytime once you decided and purchased a certificate.
4. Sitemaps:
Sitemap option is also provided for better navigation and SEO purposes.
5. Stats and Monitoring:
For easy access, GoDaddy provide a panel where you can see running processes, FTP and SSH connections. It come in handy when you want to check about server resources.
To get this hosting now can fetch you a 33% discount on yearly subscription on Godaddy Deluxe or Ultimate plan.
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